Friday, December 17, 2010

From our home to yours.

Here is how every single conversation I have had this week started:
"So are you ready? You know it is next week?"
One more week.
Thats it.

{wish i could send EVERY single one of you a card, but not sure if Hubs would
like that stamp bill}

I am sad.
Sad that all the holiday commercials are ending.
The Christmas music will cease to pump out the mall speakers.
That all the twinkling lights will be wrapped up and stored until next year.
And that the fresh pine smell will not linger anymore.
All those nonstop Christmas movies will stop streaming through the TV universe.
Too fast, time has gone too fast.
Sad, I tell you.

So I guess I should ask.
"Are you ready?"


Erin said...

It sure does come and go way to fast doesnt it!!

Love the card :)

Rhiannon said...

im ready for the stress to be over and the radio to stop playing all these christmas songs! i feel like such a scrooge.
btw beautiful christmas card!

Jennifer said...

ready or not...less than a week left! :) We celebrated today with my side of the family. I still have so much to do though for Christmas Day! :)