Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patience pays off.

I have been eyeing some Pottery Barn Kids sheets for Buggie for some time now.
These are not any sheets but Barbie sheets!

As much as I LOVE my daughter I was not about to spend $69.99 on SHEETS {a twin set mind you}!
So I waited, they went down to $39.99.
Then I spotted them at $29.99.
Hum, still a little too much for me.
So when I walked in to Pottery Barn Kids the other day and saw them sitting on a shelf, I held me breath.
And when I turned them over and saw that they were marked down to $19.99, I am
pretty sure I let out a little squeak.

People I am no math major but that is like a GAZILLON dollars I saved!

Off to wash some new sheets, nothing like climbing into bed with crisp clean sheets.


Mande said...

Woohoo! What a find!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So cute! I did the same thing with my daughters bed. I even called all over the world looking for the sheets I wanted. Found them and they were cheap!
Great job!

Carrie said...

Those sheets are SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celeste said...

oh my goodness! fabulous deal!! finding great deals at Pottery Barn is always so exciting

p.s. you won a giveaway on my blog! ...I just emailed you :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

Patience does pay off. That rocks! Doesn't it make your day when your hunted item is available on sale?!

The Brandenburgs said...

So cute! They have the best sheets too, but $70 for twins are tough to swallow. I sure do miss my discount, wouldn't have been $19.99 though. You go girlie!