Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let It Be {my new inner mantra}

Isn't it crazy how you can pass something everyday and not even really notice it? A while back I purchased this print from The Love Shop {along with two other prints I will share later}. It is not that I do not LOVE it, but when you go into a room everyday sometimes things go unnoticed.

While on vacation this week I did A LOT of thinking. Thinking about how I wanted to live my life. And I came to one conclusion, I just need to "Let it be." To stop analyzing EVERYTHING. Just let things happen.

If the house did not get cleaned today, let it be.
If my kids were not exactly happy today, let it be.
If I did not connect with friends because I was busy with projects, let it be.
If life feels out of control, let it be.
This can go on forever so I will stop here, I know you get my drift.
I say let it be because there is always tomorrow. And I need to be THANKFUL I have tomorrow instead of dwelling on what did not happen today.

So this little print is getting out from my powder bathroom under the stairs and will
find a new home on my family photo wall I am working on.

Now I am off to work on not trying to make things happen and just let them be.

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Finnskimo said...

Our mantra (Maybe its just mine) is "Lettum." It's sort of Eskimo-English, which means "Let them." Sort of a who cares what "they" are doing. It works wonders up here! I need to see if they'll do a print for us that says that!

Lettum. :)