Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pity Party Table of One. {free movies}

As I was running out the door last night for a fun Mommies night out I heard an unmistakable thud.
The noise of my precious iphone hitting the floor with a mad fiery.
No worries, this has happened a hundred times.
So out the door I ran.

In the car {I was not driving, Orpah!} I pulled my phone out to check my email.
When I got this screen...

And it stayed that way. So of course when I got home I Googled to see if there was a fix. Before I could finish typing "white scree", google in all its infinite wisdom popped up with "white screen iphone". YEAH they know what I need.

Then after clicking, I saw it.
This can not be good.

I tried the "helpful" fixes online but nothing.
So ↑ that sad face above will be heading to its local AT&T store this morning. If you need me just following the steady flow of tears.

But on a fun side note:
Do you have a local Regal Cinema? If so, did you know that they show FREE movies twice a week during the summer? And not only one movie but TWO! Well this is our second summer enjoying the cool, dark theater. Click here for movie dates and times. {this is a great way to test the movie waters if you have a little one. if you need to leave early you do not feel like you just flushed 50 bucks down the toilet!}


Mande said...

Oh no!! Amy, I a so sorry. I have yet to purchase an iphone but I know that people who carry them live on them. So, this cannot be good. Hope the day gets better for you. How was Mommy's night out?

emily anderson said...

hey, we do the free movies too! we are going to start next week...maybe we can meet up?

Angelena said...

Poor thing that happened to my son he dropped his ipod touch and about died.I was so scared for my iphone I got a Outter Box case!! you can drop it bang it I even let my 3yr. old play with my phone that's how durable this thing is!!

Anonymous said...

It is like losing a part of the family. I feel ya. NOT looking forward to it at all!

Anonymous said...

Are you crying because of your phone or because someone stuck that dreaded hat on your head!? ;)

BriBedell said...

I have gotten that white screen before too. Just keep trying to cycle the phone holding the home button and top button at the same time. I found a helpful video on youtube!

Unknown said...

Sad day!! Love your blog! New follower!