Monday, June 7, 2010

Here it is...

the after vacation post. You know the one filled with other peoples children on vacation. I know *YAWN*. But I just had to, sorry my peeps.

The best part of being at the beach, is just walking down to the shore with a towel and taking a sunset dip.

Hubby worked from our condo for the week. So everyday he would log out at 5 on the dot and we would skip on down...

And not to get all political on you but...

Dear BP Execs.,
You SUCK. I am VERY dishearten by what is happening to our Gulf Coast right now. It is so hard to see the effects to the pristine beaches, wildlife and all those jobs. Clean up your mess!

Signed to many adjectives to describe how I feel.

Sorry about that, but I need to write it down. Enough said.

We took Buggie on a Mommy Daddy Date. Putt Putt and ice cream were on the agenda.

She did get a hole in one, very exciting. Oh and she calls it "golf tournament" think her Daddy watches golf on TV?

Not Putt Putt in Florida without gators...

Then we headed down the beach to get some of the best ice cream in town.

She choose strawberry and chocolate with whip cream and a cherry.

They have the biggest Pez collection. But they also sell all kinds of old toys and candy.

What a fun bathroom, right?

All in all we had a GREAT family vacation.
Much needed.

And if you read all the way through this, NO more vacay pics I promise.


Paige said...

First off, I very much so agree with your note to BP! Such a shame that they have made this horrible mess and then want to slur our rude comments on the news.
I love her little dress! My daughter is always having to wear "fancy dresses" every where we go anymore. We just recently got back from Florida also and it seems that your girl is A LOT better at playing golf than we were! haha.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Looks like you haas such a wonderful time! I am on vacation now visiting fam and going to a wedding.MUCH needed. Off to take a nap now-he he.
:) LOVE the new look!!! So bright and fun!

tricityty said...

Aw!! Looks like a wonderful time! She is so cute!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the vacay pics ; ) Love you too : )