Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Swap Party

Do you find yourself reading the same books every night to your little ones?
I do.

To help solve this literary crisis I hosted a Children's Book Swap this weekend.
Everyone brought 5 gently used books.
Then we drew numbers out of a bowl for our picking order.
After each round we would re-pick numbers.
And at the end we all had a stack of "new" books for our kiddos {and us} to enjoy!

Buggie reading their new books.

This idea can be adapted to any books.
I would think cookbooks would be fun.
Now this does not have to be a permanent exchange, maybe if you do an adult book exchange you can just put book plate in your books for easy returns. Then at the end of the summer you can have a "Return Book Party".

I hope you enjoy this idea!


Christina@pluffmuddstudio said...

Great Idea! I am going to do this for cookbooks at our next dinner party! I could use some new recipes.

The Brandenburgs said...

Oh man! Wish I knew about it. I had so much fun at the one that I had and the kids still love some of those books! It's time again! Let me know if you are going to have another one! : )

the tichenor family said...

LOVE this idea... I may have to borrow it for my mommy friends! :)

Charlotte said...

Great idea!

I am definitely going to do this. We go to the library every week but are exhausting our literary supply...

Blue Skies
Charlotte xx

p.s. love your etsy - do you do custom orders?