Thursday, June 10, 2010

The witching hour...

Do you know this hour?
The one where without even glancing at the clock you can tell what time it is.

The dog sitting by the cabinet with her food, barking and whining at me.
You keep hearing the same thing OVER AND OVER again.
"Mommy I am hungry."
"Mommy when are we going to eat dinner."
"Mommy is dinner ready."
The baby is sitting on the floor crying with HUGE crocodile tears streaming down his face.
And you keep repeating to him from across the room "Mommy is making it, once second sweetie."
And which point the phone inevitably rings.
And 9 times out of 10 it is your husband.
"I am STARVING. What is for dinner?"

At which point you look over at the sink to realize you forgot to take something out for dinner.
Pizza again?!

Thats my life at 5:00 pm.

Side note: Blogger was acting funny at the beginning of the week.
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-Jenni said...

I know that hour. Too well, in fact. We have had Papa John's this week and went out to California Pizza Kitchen last night. Pizza is the answer. ;-)

emily anderson said...

okay, so, i put out a plate full of fruits and veggies and stick it on the table (while i'm cooking dinner). that way, they can eat from that while i'm cooking, or they can wait till dinner. but they have options. and if dinner comes around and they are full, i'm totally okay with that, because they have filled up on fruits and veggies.

Rory said...

4-6 pm is the witching hour at our house...and some days there is a frantic call to my husband to bring home SOMETHING for dinner because I can't take it!!!

christina said...

That is so my life too! And after the witching hour, I have the cluster feeding hour :)

Anna @ IHOD said...

I am happy to know there are other moms that experience this hour;) My mom calls it arsenic hour...he he.
I have started to cook dinner before or after that hour to avoid the stress!