Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dr. Mommy miss diagnose {plus a SUPER cute party to share}

WARNING: This post contains an image that may or may not gross you out. I can not be held responsible for any loss of Special K this morning.

So for the past week Bean has been clingy, whining, and over all just a little pill. He had a slight fever last Monday and Tuesday {nothing warranting running off to the Dr. office}. He has been eating normally and playing. But at night he turns into a MONSTER. Waking up every hour and wanting to nurse. So as Mommy MD, I diagnosed him as teething. Sounds good right?

When we woke up this morning and noticed this thick green glop coming from his ear, I started second guessing my "professional" diagnoses.

After leaving the REAL Dr. with a script in hand for the ear infection. It broke my heart. I know I should not feel bad, but honestly I have a serious case of Mommy guilt {self diagnosed, and I do not need a second opinion on that!}
Sorry Bean, Mommy LOVES you.

Happy side note:
I received a message this morning that made me SMILE big time. About a month ago I received a request to make a crown for a little girl who was turning 3. Her Mommy had asked if I could make a fire truck crown but GIRLIE. I was not sure what I could come up with. But after she sent over the UBER cute invite, I got really excited!
I just love how a Mommy listened to what her daughter wanted and made it work.
Please go check out the adorable pics and let Laura know what a FAB job she did!


christina said...

We have all been there! Don't beat yourself up. The fact that you got up in the middle of the night to nurse and take care of him makes you the BEST mommy! And that party is over the top! Cute crown by the way!

tricityty said...

Poor baby. I know how you feel! You always feel bad but sometimes it is hard to know what is wrong because they can't talk! Don't feel bad. Hope he feels better soon!

the trousse said...

oh lovely.... with a son that gets so many ear infections I am feeling for you and for jellybean. It is hard work for the both of you. hugs to bean and to mumma xoxo