Thursday, February 25, 2010

I rather be getting a root canal...

oh wait thats what I was getting!

{got to love the blueblockers they give to wear, should have worn my Raybands for the coolness factor..}
Moral of these pictures people, FLOSS!

Now I am off to try to take some Motrin without drooling all over myself.
{Got to love modern medicine.}


Amy said...

aww I hope you had an awesome dentist! I've had two (root canals that is) and haven't felt a thing, except the needle!

oh yeah, AND get regular check ups. smaller cavities are so much easier to handle.

I hope you aren't in pain.

Anna @ IHOD said...

ugh I have had one of these! One of the most painful things I have ever experienced next to a kidney sorry!

Thanks so much for stopping by and showing me that crown. I LOVE it. His birthday is in April so I have time to figure out a theme but can you email me the rates? would love to work with you:)

ciao bella!