Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter Basket Additions

Hi Ya'll! I am so SUPER excited to be a guest of Amy's!!

My name is Tiffany and Amy and I have know each other for YEARS...I mean like middle school YEARS! I have a handful of blogs...literally...looking for a STEAL or a DEAL then click a bun in the oven then click HERE....wanna see a real life miracle baby then click HERE!! Enough tooting my horn let's get to the really good stuff...

Easter is just around the corner so why not do a post about Easter baskets?

Do you do them at your house? I do! I can taste those PEEPS now!! I prefer the rabbit ones and I like my PEEPS about a week stale...I know...I am weird like that!! For as long as I can recall I always got a new bathing suit in my basket. This was something I looked forward to every year and a little tradition I am passing on to my daughter too!

Another tradition I started is buying a piece from the Longaberger Basket Collection. I bought the Easter Basket from Tessa's 1st Easter (2009) and figured until she is 18 I'd buy her something so that she'd have a whole slue of valuable pieces to take along with her when she gets a family of her own.

Here is what I have in mind for this year....

I'm LOVING that Gator basket from Longaberger!

Here are some neat things to consider adding to your kiddo's basket this year....

Magic Beans
(not edible!!)

(you may need to invest in a BIG basket for this stencil set to fit in!)

(these are THE BEST bubbles EVER made...SERIOUS!)

(also perfect for goodie bag favors for LOVE them!)

(these are a staple in my diaper bag!)
I buy online or at Publix

 and the infamous bathing suit courtesy of Old Navy

I made a trip today to Michael's and saw their bins (the ones jammed with stuff $2 or less) are on sale and have super great things for erasers, note pads, lollipops, Easter fizzle soaps...LOTS of stuff! Keep that in mind too!

Thanks for having me Amy and Amy's peeps.....yummm....peeps!
photo courtesy of flickr and photog mike


Amy H. said...

What wonderful ideas Tif! Funny thing about the bathing suit, we always get a new beach towel. I love those traditions and passing them on to the kiddos.

Melissa (Punkin Threads) said...

I can't wait to start making Easter Baskets! Haven't had an Easter Basket in many years, thanks for the tips!

Rondell said...

I'm put some breath mints in Lil' Junebug's Easter Bag this year. I don't know what her mame feeding her, but she been having some stank breath last few times she been over to my house!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Those bubbles from gymboree are the BEST bubbles!! Love them!