Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nolan's Big Bad Monster Truck Bash

I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that my little man turned three last week.  I honestly have NO idea how it happened so fast.  One day my water was breaking and the next I am planning his 3rd birthday.  But lets keep it real, the kid is still in diapers and sleeps in a crib {we did order a big boy bed this weekend} the diaper thing we are working on, so I guess he is still a baby in some ways...

He is a boys boy, in that he is WAY into trucks, car, trains, and pretty much anything that moves.  When we asked him what kind of party he wanted his first and only response was "monster trucks".
And if you know me from parties past, I am always teaming up with my girlfriend Kori. Paper and Pigtails to make party magic. After choosing colors and a concept, Kori went to work and I starting gathering, buying, and spray painting , the things I do best.

For his backdrop I wanted something that made me think of a winners circle at a Monster Truck Rally. I took him to a local car parts store that always has a "monster truck" outside, and after getting permission to take a few photos, I took the winning image to Staples and had them print an engineer print.  They were able to scale it just almost fit perfectly on a piece of foam board I had purchased, total cost for the board and print was $10.  

Then I took spray adhesive and worked from the top down in sections.  Once it was on, I took tissue paper and hole punch it to make confetti and then glue sticked it down.  

Right after we chose Monster Trucks, I was at Target and they had these trophies in the dollar bin {they were really $2} for Halloween costumes.  The water bottle labels Kori made fit perfectly on the base.
Then I took pans I got at the Dollar Tree and spray pained them, finally I Gorilla Glued them together to create a CHEAP but fun cupcake stand!

I love the idea of bite size cookies as cupcake toppers, like I did here, and Renee from Bee's Knees Creative made that happen yet again with these little tires.  She also made an amazing "BIG" cookie for Nolan.

Other treats included "Mud Buddies" in my oh so favorite snack cups from Kori.

Chocolate Doughnut Spare Tires

LARGE Marshmallow Bolts {Take marshmallows on paper straws, quickly dunk in water, then roll in sugar sprinkles.}

Oreo Pop Rocks, because I can NEVER have a party without them, people will not come. 

Brownie Dirt Ramps aka boxed brownie mix made from the directions but added crushed peanut butter Oreos on top before baking.

And for good measure we bagged up some popcorn to add a little bit of salt after so much sweet.

And just to finish things off I got paper fans and streamers from Party City for the backdrop.

And of course add some Monster Trucks and their tracks to the table.  I scored the tire track tape here.

And lastly was the favor table. Being the week after Halloween I was not about to give candy. So I found these monster truck tire cups, mini trophies, and monster truck tattoos, on Birthday Express.

I also purchased some checker duck tape from Micheals, I wanted to buy fabric but the tape was SOOO much cheaper after my 40% off coupon.  I added it to my mirror then hung photos of Nolan on it.  It was easy to just add throughout the tables.

The cups came with a monster truck sticker on the front and back, but I decided to cover it.  I took the party circles Kori made, printed them on sticky paper and punched them out. I also used them on the blue and yellow traffic cones I scored at the Dollar Tree.

For the "Winners Circle" sign I used this DIY from Smile and Wave. 

I hope you are all still with me after such a long post.
And if you are then you will her me say, it was a success.
From my friend Kori's partnership in creating fun paper goods, to the DIY's, to the weather, to the food, to my sweet little three year old boy!

Please free to ask any questions!

I made his shirt, using a freezer paper stencil and some black fabric paint.


-Jenni said...

Turned out awesome! I need to try the freezer paper stencil thing some time. His shirt is perfect! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! We should try to get together when the kiddos are out of school.

Mycharmingcolors said...

Amy this turned out so great!

eleni said...

Thank you for this. You are such an inspiration.

Nicki said...

Cool party! As always;) Great job and thanks so much for sharing!