Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Door on the Cheap, $3 to be exact.

Lenny our Elf does not make his official appearance until Dec 1.
But in prep for his arrival, he has requested a door for easy access to and from the North Pole.
See we are finding at 6.5 years of age Buggie has A LOT of questions about how things work, and if they are real.
And this Momma is NO WHERE near ready to give up the magic.
So I went to Joann's and came home with the workings of a Elf Door.

For $3 I came up with this.
- Picture frame $3.99 but after a 40% off coupon paid $1.80
- Bag of little knobs $1.99 but after my 40% off coupon paid $1.20
- paint which I had already
- bag of sticks which I had, but are around $2
- hot glue gun

After measureing the sticks to the back of the frame I was able to just cut them with regular scissors. 

Then painted everything and hot glued it together. 

And added a "Elf Only Entrance" to it. And I was done, yep that easy and that cheap.

When Lenny comes Saturday he will come with a little note explaining the door and that Santa felt it was a good addition for the Elves. 

Fingers crossed that this helps keep the magic alive and filling our house this Christmas!


Unknown said...

You have the best ideas, Amy! Thank you for sharing this because I'm definitely going to try this! I'm about to blow a ridiculous amount of money at Michael's!

Sally said...

I love this! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.