Monday, November 21, 2011

I will take my Holidays one at a time, thank you.

Traditions are designed per the individual.
And one tradition I hold dear is not over shadowing
Thanksgiving by decking the halls before hand.
Over this past weekend there was SO many photos popping up of
Christmas trees, mantels, and elfs on shelves.
Not in our house.
This week is all about the bird and giving thanks for all we have been blessed with.

Last Friday Buggie had her Thanksgiving Feast at school.
All the kindergarten classes gathered and gave thanks.

Every child pay $3 and the parents organized the event that was catered by Boston Market.

I am thankful for being a SAHM that has a husband able to adjust his
schedule so I can be there to capture these moments.

I am thankful for the friendships Buggie has made over these past months. And what a wonderful transition she has made into kindergarten.

I am thankful for this group of kids, that call me "Avery's Mom". They are the sweetest.

I am thankful for hosting my first Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for Hubs family from Boston coming to give thanks with us.

I am thankful for 80% off fall clearance at Hobby Lobby.

I am thankful for the beautiful handmade table cloth, that was passed down to me from Hubs grandmother.

I am thankful for so much more and Thursday I will sit at our dinning room table and reflect on them. But not with the glare of a Christmas tree behind me.

I am thankful for all of you.


Jami Nato said...

adorable centerpieces and children and thanksgivingness

Sarah B. said...

What a fun celebration!! Looks like the kids had a great time :D

christina said...

great post! im withya, lets enjoy each holiday before jumping to the next:) happy thanksgiving!

Mycharmingcolors said...

This tablecloth goes so well with your decorations, all so bright and cheery :-)

I am with ya, although I am making christmas ornaments! ha its our first year with a tree and I don't want to be rushing w Judahs birthday and Christmas in the same month

emily anderson said...

well first of all, my tree is up---we put it up this weekend, but ONLY because i was afraid if we waited, i would have this dang baby and we wouldn't be able to do it!
it's normally way to early for me.
secondly, are those wood pieces in the centerpiece from hobby lobby too? those are way cute.

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

good post.
i am the same.
we have a tradition of putting it up on Thanksgiving night.
have fun hosting your first Thanksgiving.
and i like the table cloth you chose to use. beautiful.