Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Florida Style {The Paper Mama Photo Challenge}

This is my first time linking up with Chelsey from The Paper Mama, and I am very excited to join the fun.
This weeks challenge is fall.
And honestly these pictures may not look very fall to you, but if you do not live in Florida then you my not recognize "our" fall.
Unfortunately for us fall is not about trees filled with techno colored leaves, falling to the ground every time the wind blows.
And it surely is not about scarfs, hats, and mittens.
Nope our falls are shorts, flip flops, and palm trees.
But one thing fall does bring us is time outside in 70 degree weather.
So with the sun hanging low in the sky, giving us an hour or so of sweat free playtime, we RUN full speed outside.

This was fall for us this weekend.

Time at the park playing peek-a-boo.

Then a little pretend game of baseball, where Daddy stood on the mound and "throw" the ball and we "swung" our bats. And every ball we "hit" was a homer! Then ran the bases with our arms stretched high above our head in victory!
And for some of us preferring to draw in the dirt.

It was a magical fall day here in Sunshine State.

The Paper Mama