Tuesday, April 5, 2011

TOMS shoes GC giveaway UPDATE {trust me you want to read this!} read this}

While on the phone this morning with my step Mommy I told her about Toms One
Day Without Shoes and that I was giving away a $50 Toms GC.

She was super excited about this and said I want in.
And if you know her, when she wants in, she wants in BIG TIME.

Us as flappers. We are so cool.

I love this picture. I am sure I was wearing those Chuck Taylors. Which is why this so cool, cause she could do just that, buy us shoes whenever she wanted.

Or dress us up like this. Not sure if my brother is ready to join an Irish dancing group or not in this picture.

Anyways I digress. She is adding to my $50 GC and adding two more from her! Thats right THREE $50 TOMS gc are going to be given out!!!
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Marissa said...

I love both of you girls : )

Jami Nato said...

OMG, ya'lls is crazy.

felicia said...

Holy Moley!!! Super exciting!

lesleyzellers said...

Um, that's awesome!

Mandy England said...

Your step mom is super cool :]