Monday, April 4, 2011

Some notable things going on.

Who doesn't love shopping?
How about shopping with a purpose of giving back?
Check out Paint Me a Picture for the full list of the 20 shops participating for the whole month of April in handmade with purpose.
And all the other details around this great project.


Leonora from Yellow Heart Art and I are teaming up for a Swag Swap Week.
A place for Indie biz owners to shop and swap between each other.
Please head over to Yellow Heart Art's blog for the full write up.
Its going to be EPIC on all levels.

I *heart* Toms.
I *heart* their mission.
I *heart* their shoes, when I say they are like slippers, I am not kidding.
Heaven on your feet.
Tomorrow Toms is hosting a One Day Without Shoes.
Its pretty amazing, I am joining and hope you will too.

Mine and Buggies sparkly Toms.
{and just maybe you will be able to win a pair for yourself here tomorrow, shh do not tell anyone, its between just you and me}

{side note I recently saw something that made me MAD. Sketchers has something they call Bobs which look exactly like Toms. And they promote two pairs per one bought going to children without shoes. I mean the concept should be done for sure, BUT to call them "BOBS" and have them look exactly the same is VERY tacky in my opinion. Thanks for letting me vent.}

See these four Ladies.
We are hanging this week.
There has been talk of tattoos and nose piercing.
Be sure to check back next week for a full run down of the craziness.

Em, Lindsay, Danielle, and Me.


lesleyzellers said...

I LOVE Toms!

Anonymous said...

& I saw an article several months ago about BOBS. Its really really tacky.

Anonymous said...

aw, bobs. i laughed when i heard of them and thought it was a joke. then i, too, got mad at them copying toms. THEN, i just thought it might be a good idea for them to also be supplying shoes to people who don't have them. cause that's the point of buying both toms and bobs, right? :-)
of course, i've never seen anyone wearing any bobs...

cami said...

I've already signed up to do the Day Without Shoes... So excited!!! HATE the BOBS shoes.. they infuriate me! Couldn't believe it when I saw it. Ridiculous. VOTE : TOMS!

Leonora said...

i wish my picture was added to the bottom row! I would love to hang out with you lovelies <3

Jami Nato said...

RUDE that ya'll are hanging out without me. so rude.

and sparkly toms! didn't even know they existed...