Monday, April 18, 2011

She is 90 years young.

We traveled back to my hometown this weekend for a very special birthday party.
My grandmothers 90th.

I have many many many fond memories of being dropped off at my Rea's {there is a short but unusual story for the name we call her} for the weekend. She would cook my favorite food and she ALWAYS had dessert for us, which would ALWAYS have a dollop of cool whip on top.
I remember looking through all her treasures throughout her house, that she had collected from her travels around the world.
I would help her in the yard and play board games.
Tons of memories.

Getting ready to sing happy birthday.
The next series of pictures are the best. They totally capture her enthusiasm for life.

Oh what her 90 years have seen.
I love you Rea Rea.


Unknown said...

i can see you in her eyes! amazing!

what a wonderful day and reason to celebrate!

Cindy said...

This melts me. I just lost my grandfather LAST week. He was 93. My grandma was married to him for 67 years. (Imagine being with someone for darn-near 70 years and then he is gone! heartbreak.) How lucky we are to know and cherish our grandparents and the memories!So many don't get this gift. You clearly do have a special, spunky grandmother! Hold on tight to these moments with her.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet! My kiddo's 2nd birthday was yesterday and my grandparents were there to help celebrate. He calls them Oma and Opa and they adore eachother! Oma says he keeps her young! They were rockin' out together with his birthday presents (tambourine, drum and guitar)! Melts my hear!

Manager to Mom said...

Aww, sweet! I'm lucky enough to have a grandmother as well who is 94 years young! My favourite (recentish) memory of her was from a family reunion several years back. We were chatting about how at that point she had 17 great grandkids, and she looked out at all the kids playing and said "Yeah, I caused all of this!" :D

BriBedell said...

How sweet! And amazing! I bet she tells the best stories!!

Kelli Blinn said...

90?! She doesn't look much older than 70!