Monday, November 22, 2010

Doily Basket DIY {the perfect/cheapest hostess gift, promise}

Got your party heels ready and little black dress back from the cleaners?
But do you have a hostess gift or better yet one you can make for under $5?
Then this DIY is for sista.

What you will need:
- Stitched Doily {not paper} I got mine from Joann's, their large
ones are $3.99 and used one of 40% off coupons.
- Fabric Stiffener, you can find this in the glue section at Joann's.
Again used a 40% coupon. {Just incase you did not know but they take competitors coupons}
- Bowl {large enough for your doily to lay over and not hit the table}
- Cling Wrap
- Gallon Size Zip Loc Bag

Step 1: Pick your bowls. {note I did dye my doilies not necessary}

Step 2: Wrap them in cling wrap and put some extra down on your crafting surface.

Step 3:
Put a doily in the zip loc baggie. Squeeze in a generous amount of fabric stiffener {enough to saturate the doily}. Squeeze the bag and get the doily coated completely.

Step 4:
Remove from the baggie and lay over the bowl. Let dry over night. After about the first two hours I lifted it up a bit so it would not stick to the cling wrap.

Pretty easy and the results are beautiful.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you make them!
Now go get your craft on!


Vanessa Hewell said...

very cool idea! and those muffins look awesome :)

. said...

Now that is completely fantastic!! :)

Amanda said...

I featured this today on my blog -

I would love if you stopped by and grabbed a button!


lilmisskatie said...

Hi there! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your amazing DIY basket tutorial. Hope you don't mind but I had to feature you in my collection of DIY Baskets Blog Post. Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity with us! Hope you have an inspiring day! Thanks! Lil Miss Katie's =)