Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy birthday baby boy.

As your life began a year ago today, mine was filled with more love then I
sometimes know what to do with.

This year has been one of love, laughs and growing.
Your sister made me a Mommy but you sweet boy completed me.
My heart can not contain the love I have for you.

I wish you a very happy birthday
and a second year filled with adventure, a boat load more laughs, and a ton of love.



christina said...

AWW Amy, thanks for the tears:D There is something pretty special between a little boy and there momma's.
Have a wonderful 1st birthday little buddy:)

Sassy Sites! said...

He is perfect! I agree, there is something special about a boy and his mom! I've been able to experience it twice, and it's just as special with the second one! :) Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! xoxo!!!