Monday, November 8, 2010

Oreo Pops + a Paper & Pigtails giveaway!

Pinky promised and delivered.
Brace yourself for this "recipe", you just might have to be Betty Crocker herself to handle
"baking" of this level.

What you will need:
- 1 package of Oreos
- 1 block of cream cheese {room temp}
- 1 bag of Wilton's melting candy
- Food Processor
- I used sticks but you can just form them into balls.

Chop up those Oreos until they are a bowl of Oreo powder goodness.
Add the block of cream cheese. Mix with your hands until it forms a dough like substance.

Form into balls. I would say I made mine about 2 in. Which yields 24.
***Let set in fridge for about 20 mins before moving to next set.***

Coat in the Wiltons.

Let them setup on a cookie sheet. I made them two days in advance and kept them in the fridge.
You WILL need to hide them. Or make an extra batch.

I am going to post this with a warning.
** I can NOT be held accountable for any addition that may occur from letting these little balls of heaven grace you lips {I was laughing out loud at that line after rereading it, my mind always in the gutter!!} . I have a lawyer on retainer, just so you know!**

Planning a party?! Need some paper products? This is a giveaway for you!
Kori from Paper & Pigtails is giving away a store credit of $25. As you saw from Bean's party she has the midas touch.

Here is how to enter:
- Head over to Paper and Pigtails and come back with what you would use you 25 buck-a-roos on.

Giveaway open until midnight on Nov 14th eastern. I will announce the winner via on Nov 15th.



LeAnn said...

I would get the biplane invitations and cirles!

Kori Clark said...

I love these cake pops! I think I will be needing to make them in the near future!

Unknown said...

I love the whole damask theme!

Craft That Party said...

Oh my goodness, the Traveler's Printable Party Invitation is a must for my next bithday party!

Jenni said...

owl love you forever invites! so cute!

Ry and Ally said...

I love all the snack boxes! too cute!

Rhiannon said...

yes love them!!!

emily anderson said...

um, yah, i just don't know. i LOVE everything in her shop! my favorite might be the retro toy party stuff!

Cheryl said...

The traveler theme would be great for a shower I'm hosting for a couple getting married in Korea!

Anonymous said...

I'd get photo invites or announcements ;)

. said...

I think I would definitely invest in some of her adorable snack cups because Adrienne's first birthday is only four months away now and I am in absolute party planning mode!

Anonymous said...

I'd get the custom printable return address labels, and two sets of the Love Birds Party Circles (which would be $26, so I'd have to pitch in a buck). Thanks for doing the giveaway! I'm loving your blog!!

P.S. I'm featuring this recipe (and your blog) on my Blog Love post on my blog. I just used the word blog WAY too many times!!

Amy C said...

I like the carnival theme.

Hespyhesp said...

I JUST made these this morning and they are fantastic! I had a little trouble with the oreo balls falling apart when I tried to coat them in the Wiltons. Is there some sort of secret to that? Did you let them sit in the fridge before coating them, maybe? I know I'll be making them again for a co-worker's retirement party next month! Thanks for sharing!