Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How did I live before Target?

You know that is not me just being overly dramatic.
Its the gosh darn truth.
What was life like before Target?

It sure did not include an in store Starbucks, where I could grab a complimentary cup holder for my cart.

Or bins of the most AMAZING $1 items, including batteries of ALL sizes.

It did not have the best store brand of paper goods EVER.

Or the magic coffee fairy marks down the price on my coffee every time I run out!

But unfortunately life did exist before today without me having signed up for my
Red Debit card, BOO!

Have you gotten one yet?
All you need is a check.
No annual fee and it debits right out of your checking account.
And you get 5% off EVERY purchase.
And it is automatic at the register.

Life is good.

BUT our lives will be living without these things.

{sidenote Target gave me nothing for this post.}

I need some advice.
My allergies are off the chain right now.
I can not take any allergy meds, they make me chook coo ca choo.
I wish I could use a Neti Pot, but every time I use it I feel like I am drowning.
Do you have any homeopathic alternatives?


Unknown said...

I do not know where half of our paycheck went before Target! snicker

Unknown said...

I heart Target too!!! As for the allergies... netti pot advice -- lean more forward - if you lean over the sink and tilt head you should experience no discomfort, alittle more stood up, you'll have it down your throat and feel like you are drowing... the only other remedy I have heard is to eat local honey - apparently it will help your body deal with local allergies... best of luck!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Gah!! LOVE TARGET! Hope the allergy problem leaves you alone!!! Feel better!

-Jenni said...

Complimentary cup holders!!! How did I miss those? I am all about that. Well, not only do we share a love of all things Target, I also have been battling allergies. I thought it was a cold at first. But, now, I am pretty sure it is just straight up allergies. Sneezing constantly and nice blood shot eyes. Yup, I'm looking good right about now ;-). I'll be checking back to see if anyone has some good home remedies.

shea said...

Oh man! We saw those Singamajigs things today. At first I thought they were cute and then I pressed the tummy and whoa nelly! We chuckled nervously and put them back on the shelf and backed away slowly.

Unknown said...

there is no target in canada. the last 6 years of my life have been a little dimmer and a lot more expensive since we moved up here!!

Amber said...

Try eating natural local honey. If you buy normal honey it won't work because the bees that made that honey weren't processing the pollen near you. I've heard that this works really well for a few of my friends. If it doesn't work at least it tastes good right? Hope it works for you!