Friday, August 20, 2010

Take your best shot {a guest post from Emily of The Anderson Crew}

Back to school has come upon us, fast and fiercely.
And in celebration of this we all grab our cameras to capture these exciting moments.
I have asked Em from The Anderson Crew to hop over today and share some tips of the trade
to getting the BEST first day of school pic {or as Em suggest ANYtime pics}.

Well, it's that time of year again...back to school time. Every time you sign onto facebook, your news feed is flooded with photos of all of your friends' kids on their first days back. Here's a few tips to taking better photos of your kids, not only at back to school time, but all the time!
1. Check your background. While I love this photo:

it's not the best background, for a back to school photo. I mean, not that I don't love the messiness of my house, and my daughter in nothing but her undies, but for a back to school photo, it's just not appropriate. So, find a blank wall (preferably outside, but we'll talk about that next).

2. Check your lighting. If you can turn the flash off on your camera, then DO IT. While flash helps in really low light situations, it's not hardly ever needed, and it makes skin tones look blah. Find an area in your house (with a blank wall) and really good lighting. This may mean you need to go outside. Here's a couple of pictures outside of my house, under my porch. It's shady, but bright enough to get good light in my photo.

3. Check your attitude. Some days, we just don't like to have our photo taken. Your kids feel the same way. So, if you happen to not get a photo of them on their first day back, because of attitudes or busy-ness, try the next day! It's not like they've changed that much in 24 hours. I'd rather have a real photo of my kids, then one where they aren't smiling for real. So, in an effort to not stress yourself out, give yourself some grace, and try again the next day. And I am not against bribery either. If a little sweet treat is going to turn the photo situation around, then I'll offer it. Also, if you're the mom of little ones, it's amazing how saying the words "poopy, stinky, or bootie" can really turn a sour attitude around. Tell a joke, say a funny word...just get them laughing so that their smiles are genuine.

4. Check your words. So now that you've captured the photo and edited it, why not add some words on it, to always remind you of what grade they were in? Or, if you don't have the tools to add text to your photos, have them hold up a sign, stating what grade they are entering.

5. Check back at the end of the year. And while you're at it, don't forget to get a photo of them on the last day of their school year. It's fun to see how they've changed!

Have fun capturing those sweet little people in your lives :)

A HUGE thanks to Em and all her awesomeness for sharing today. As we all can imagine that she is a busy lady normally but this week, WOWZERS. She plays a VERY active role in her eldest son's school and it is all prep for next week.
You rock Girlie!

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Anna @ IHOD said...

Great tips!
How precious are these photos!!
Thanks Emily!

The Brandenburgs said...

I love the background of the first picture! Such a true image of a household of children! Not only is big sis in her undies, but she's playing Wii in her undies! Priceless! What cuties too, love the tips for our little VPKrs! Can't believe it.

The Brandenburgs said...

after looking again, she might not be playing wii, not too sure! Either way, it's still adorable!

bron @ baby space said...

Very useful tips Emily! Likey. (I think I could *previously* been accused of snapping away to the point of forced smiles. This will now be corrected.)