Monday, August 9, 2010


Have you ever thought about how many times you touch
your groceries by the time they are stashed away in your panrty?

Seriously think about it
1-put them in the cart
2-put them on the checkout belt
3-bag them {if you go early in the morning like me and there is not enough baggers}
4-put them in the car
5-take them out of the car
6-put them on the counter
7-put them away

Crazy right?!
I was just randomly thinking about this today driving.

{this is my puppy, well not really a puppy anymore she just turned 9. Poor
girl, she has gone into the witness protection program now that Jellybean is crawling.
Anytime she is laying around in a deep sleep, that boy beelines right for her and scares the
bajesus out of her! But she is the sweetest to him.}

Oh one more thing.
We are planning a trip to NYC next spring.
We never been since having kids.
So now all I can think about is, "What do we do about taxi's and car seats?!"
Any answers...


BriBedell said...

In New York you don't have to have your kids in a car seat in a Taxi. Do you read He has been there a few times with his daughter...that's how I know you can do this. I live in Michigan, so I have never done this..LOL

Vanessa Hewell said...

Hi! I haven't done any major traveling with my kiddo but I'm kind of a car seat nerd so I'd say go over to and post the question in the forum. Certified child passenger safety techs will give you info and advice based on the ages/weights/heights of your kiddos. I'd say do an infant seat (or maybe a lightweight Cosco Scenera) for your younger kiddo and depending on the age/size of your daughter, a Ride Safer Travel vest may work for taxis.

Momma Wilson said...

funny point about the groceries, never thought about that before. i've never been to NY, so i have no advice for you:(

Tylerpants said...

If it's a yellow cab, you dont need car seats. Kids can sit on lap or use seatbelts. There's many private car services in NYC and you can call them and ask for one with a carseat. Not as speedy as hailing a cab since you have to wait for them to come.. but it's safer.