Friday, August 6, 2010

Mom in the shot Aug 5 {Did I just really type AUG 5TH?!}

As you can tell by my title and the fact that I am a day late with posting this, life has become hectic.
And really I could not tell you why.
Any who, here we are from yesterday.

Out and about doing errands.
And you hear the cry from the backseat.
"Mommy I need to go to the bathroom!"
I glance around and see several fast food and gas stations around.
NONE I would use, let alone drag both my kids into.
Then like a mirage, in the distance I see a green beckon of light shining.

So this is us in the Starbucks bathroom.
And you know I could not leave without a purchase, its the polite thing to do, since we did use their facilities!

Embrace your cameras.


Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

I can so relate! Glad you found an oasis ... a sweet photo op ... and a refreshing beverage too.

Anna @ IHOD said...

ah ha ha! I love it! Starbucks bathrooms are nice and spacious too:D
Have a wonderful weekend Amy!

Unknown said...

lol love the potty room pic... :o)

emily anderson said...

oh, public i love thee.

at least it looks somewhat clean...and this is a moment that happens to us all the time. such fun memories :)