Monday, July 12, 2010

Many thanks and some inspiration needed.

I want to say Thank You.
To all of you who left such wonderful words of encouragement on my hard decision.
And I know it is the right one, given a few days have pasted and I still feel good about it.
You never know, I might feel the need to make a crown and offer one up here, wink wink!

I have another Thank You to give.
Your uniform advice was AWESOME.
I placed my order last week and think it will be the perfect amount, all thanks to you ladies!

I am just creating another opportunity here to say thank you.
I need some inspiration. I am going to start working on a photo wall {see below}.
I am LOVING the eclectic walls out there.
Do you have one? I would love to see it.
Added a linky here so you can share. If you do not have a blog no worries, link up with flickr or FB.


Terri said...

No wall yet but I am excited to see the links. I want to do the same thing at my house!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

I don't have a gallery wall, but I can't wait to see those who participate. But here's a tip, you can find frames are your local thrift and to unify them, paint them all the same color.

holoholomom said...

Amy you are a very creative person, and I know you will not regret your decision. Bless you on your new found time you will have to spend with the children and the freedom you will always have to express yourself!

christina said...

So I sort have an eclectic wall, I linked it up. A few suggestions I wish I would have done. Use good frames that have the circular metal hangers. I used cheap ones from walmart that have the bumps, and they never stay straight. Design your wall out on a large piece of paper ahead of time. I have a few holes behind some of my frames because I changed my mind while I was hanging them. Hope that helps, and can't wait to see the finished product!