Thursday, July 22, 2010

Post of randomness, you know how I roll.

Did you read this post?
Ok so that was my first day making a treasury on Etsy.
I made a total of three that day.
Went to bed.
And woke up to find out one of them made the FRONT PAGE!

Ok, so I totally missed it in all its front page glory.
But I did it!
I put it out there in the universe and it happened.
I did not even have to submit it, holy cow!
Think I could put lotto winning vibes out there and that will happen too?

Onto the next topic:
So it is official.
I have a crawling boy.
He now has swiffer sweeper bum.

He totally says Dada.
Nope not Mama, you know that lady that is up with him in the wee hours of the morning nursing him back to sleep.
He choose Dada.

Ok so I really only call him Bean on here.
He is more a Bubba.
Or if his sister is talking to him he is "Cheeky Mac & Cheese", oh that girl cracks me up.

We got our craft on this week, more to come on this later.

Can you believe it Thursday already?!
Who knows what my picture will look like today, it maybe rough. Just to forewarn you!

Almost done. Hang in there.

Did you enter my current giveaway yet?
It is super cute, do not miss out.

Off to pack. We are getting "away".
Going to the most magical place on Earth for a long weekend, with some great friends.

Ok done.
Did you stay with me?
Wow you are good.
I am a self professed long post skimmer.



Anna K. said...

Congrats on making the front page! Love this post of randomness. Swiffer butt ha ha ha!

Have a lovely vaca - happy packing!

Melissa G said...

I love your blog and i'm a new follower.
I'm off to check out your etsy and the giveaway!