Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calling off all playdates!

We are quarantined, nothing serious but enough to keep us inside.
We decided it would be nice of us not to spread our green boogie selfs among others.
So inside we sit.
Bored, yes.

Had to figure things for my idle brain to past the time.
Hence my new addition.
Creating Etsy treasuries!

Created two, for now.
In between nose blowing, bum wiping, and just plain fits of laying flat out on the couch, I made these:

So now I have a mini goal.
To get one of my treasuries on the FRONT PAGE!
Anyone done it before? Oh how exciting.
Do they tell you if it makes it or do you need to just happen upon it?
Details please.
Oh and if anyone has some amazing pull over at Etsy, a bribe or two would not hurt either!

Off to wipe something or other.


Mande said...

Loving Cheerilicious!!! Hope you all feel better soon. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap with Lane- feeling worse than before the nap. ;( Summer colds are the worst girl!! xoxo

Amy said...

I've had a couple of my treasuries get on the fp before. Go to the storque and search "merchandising". There should be a july article that tells you what they are looking for in choosing their fp treasuries. Not all fit these themes but it helps!

Hope you all feel better soon and, on behalf of the general population, thanks for keeping your green boogies to yourself! "-)

Heather said...

Hope you all feel better! I have the same goal...have never been on the FP, but really want to. Good luck! I really enjoy your blog!