Monday, July 12, 2010

I love this girl.

My daughter is the funniest person I know {besides her Daddy}.
She doesn't try to be funny it just happens.
Hubby and I joke at least once a week and say "That girl needs to work on her imagination."
She is the perfect balance of funny and crazy imagination.

Case in point, this weekend she was partaking in her favorite activity of playing dress up. When she walked in the family room as Minnie Mouse. Walked right up to me and asked me "Um Ms. would you like my autograph?" When I said of course. Her reply was "Ok whats your baby's name?" As she scribbled in a notebook. Then pulled her camera out of her bag and asked if I wanted a picture with her.
Classic Buggie moment.

So was I surprised at her making up a song after getting her first letters from her penpal, nope.
Check it out over at little penpals.

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Mande said...

That is the cutest story! Love this little girl. Also just joined the Little Pen Pals site. How perfect for these little ones. Love it! xo