Monday, April 5, 2010

Jellybean is getting so big {Lil Boo & Co. Winner}

Time can slip through your fingers like sand...
And when you have kids it seems more like an avalanche!
Jellybean started rice cereal this weekend. I had really wanted to hold off until 6 months.
But since his recent habit of waking up at 5am to nurse and then go back to bed started, we decided it was time to fill his belly with a little bit more.

He is still figuring it all out. But sure does look cute doing it! We are taking it VERY slow. No need to introduce a lot to him too early. And we are a little worried that he might have food allergies with all his skin problems.

But Easter came just in time for this new chapter in his life. Because lookie what his Mommy got in her Easter basket!

Do any of you have the Beaba machine? Would love to hear about your experiences with it. And I look forward to sharing recipes with you!

And are you the lucky ducky winner of the Lil Boo & Co. giveaway?
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Melissa (Punkin Threads) said...

Ooh fun! We have this, and loved it! I mostly used it for cooking and freezing organic veggies.

christina said...

Thanks for the post! I had never seen the machine before. I just use my blender and food mill when making baby food, but this one seems so much easier and quicker. I love how it cooks the food for you. That will save so much time!! Definately a must have!

Anna @ IHOD said...

I was wondering about these will have to let us know how you like it! Right now my little man's favorite foods are pasta and pb and j! need to get him to like more veggies!

M and E said...

Hi Amy! I don't have a Beaba, but my sister does, and she swears by it. In fact, she doesn't just use it to make baby food (because now her baby is 2). She has the Sneaky Chef cookbook, which calls for veggie purees in every recipe, and she uses it for that too. She keeps telling me I need to get one!

I'm having a give-away on my blog; come check it out!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

This is Vikki--firetruck crown? I am kinda freakin' out because I haven't seen any of your ideas for the crown and I wanted some specific things. Just got an e-mail that it has been shipped and I haven't even approved a design!