Friday, December 18, 2009

{Stroller Update}

Let me first thank you to all who have shared stroller recommendations.  I have not made any purchases yet but once I do I will for sure share what our choice was and how I feel about it! So please keep them coming, if they do not help me they might hope someone else!

But I wanted to share some pictures of my stroller.  Lets just say ALL the things I have complained about with any stroller I have owned or looked at this thing has wrong with it.  First off it looks like a shopping cart.  There is no cup holders, completely NON collapsable, um I guess hard as a rock since my Mom shoved all kinds of towels, blankets, and pillows in it, and the list would go on and on.

Notice the sun shade in this picture, it makes me laugh!

So counting my blessings the stroller industry has come A LONG way since the 70's! Can you imagine having to shove this into the back of your car?!


Anonymous said...

Um....where is that thing today?? I bet it is worth a lot of money!!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I promise, I had one of those for my kids back in the day!! Hope you heard from my daughter about the stroller choice!

The Brandenburgs said...

How hilarious! I don't know that there are photos of my stroller, but you know I want to find it now! : )