Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 60th Birthday to my Daddy...

My Daddy celebrates his 60th birthday today.
He has always been a strong force in my life, even though we were not
always in the same house as I grew up.

My Daddy is be far the most successful and influential person in my life.
So thank you for always sharing your experiences but letting me create my own, for always listening to my endless
thoughts, for fathering with an open mind and heart, and for always knowing when to
encourage and when to discourage.

I love you the most!

PS I am very proud of my Dad getting back to this photo weight over the past year, he lost 60lbs!

Oh and PSS go check me out over at Prudent Baby!  
Thanks Ladies for featuring my paint ornaments...


Becca said...

Awe! Happy birthday to your Dad! That was such a sweet post. Today is my Daddy's birthday also!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jacinda said...

What a sweet photo!

Thank YOU for the great DIY. We really had fun making them.

Anonymous said...

I LOVELOVELOVE vintage photos of my family. It makes me so happy....