Monday, October 5, 2009

ABC's about me...

I know this is the second time I am mentioning miscellaneous meredith today, but she is so cute and has some great posts!

She was playing along with the ABC's.  So here is my ABC list:

 A - Both my name and Buggie's start with A so I think it's my favorite letter.

B - My first Best friend and I have known each other for "cough" 19 years.

C - My most recent goal is to keep my Car Clean.

D - I think I am not nervous about the Delivery of Jellybean, but more the logistics of Buggie and where she is going to be.

E - Everyday I tell my family how much I love them, this is VERY important to me!

F - We have about 4 Franks in my family, two of which are my Dad and younger brother.

G - I am a Giver. Makes my heart feel good.

H - Have coffee will drink.

I - I am shopping addict, there I said it.

J - Jeffrey is my soul mate.

K - I have never been to Kansas.  Sorry all I could come up with.

L - True Love Found is my Etsy store, and I LOVE it!

M - Being a Mommy is by far the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

N - Nothing bets a good Nap.

O - The Other day Buggie had her first school recital.  OMG!

P - Perfect day is spent at our beach condo with friends and family.

Q - Quitting is not an option, one of our family rules.

R - I Really do not think my belly could get any bigger Right now.

S - Buggie is Sick, bummer!

T - Tuesday's and Thursday's are my days to get Things done.

U - Under a Shady Tree is my favorite Laurie Berkner song.

V - I always wished I could play the Violin.

W - I Watch WAY too TV.


Y - Love Yourself first and then others can love You too.

Thanks Meredith.  Going to link it up at her blog right now.


M and E said...

When I had my second, that's what I was worried about too. Who will take care of my child? Where will she go? Our best friends who lived around the corner moved away exactly one week before the birth, but we managed somehow! I called a friend who works from home, she came right over, and my mom caught a flight in that night. You'll be fine!!

the tichenor family said...

You are TOO SWEET! When I think about having a second child, I too think about the logistics for Carson, rather than actually going into labor and having #2! A mother's love... xoxo

Llama said...

Soo adorable! You are going to be a wonderful mommy x's two!

Jen said...

love this idea!

Tylerpants said...

Cute post! How did Buggie's school recital go?