Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Where Art Thou? - You Capture "Autumn"

Fall is pretty much nonexistent here in the Sunshine State.
The mercury reached well into the 90's today so Buggie and I
ventured out in our tank tops and flippies for some outside fun...

So over this record heat, which is not making being 37 weeks preggers very pleasurable!  

Now go over and enter your own autumn moments at 



Sweetie McGee said...

Tank tops and flippies? Okay, I'm a bit jealous. :) I KNOW my husband would be - he hates cold weather. Hee hee. Your photos are great! The colors just pop.

Jacci said...

We are just now getting our first taste of somewhat cool weather here. Love the shadow pic!!

Niki said...

Hi there!
Great pics! I am a Floridian and it is very, very HOT!!!

I really like your blogger header! I found your blog from Tiffany's Deals, Steals, and Heels blog. Now I'm a follower!!

SoBella Creations said...

I live in Central Florida. I wish the temps were a little cooler. But, I wouldn't trade this sunshine for snow.