Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Goodie Bags

Today was the first day in a while Buggie was back to herself.
So to celebrate, we did something I have been wanting to do for a couple of weeks.
Put together HaLlOwEeN goodie bags for Buggies little classmates.
Her school encourages parents to bring in things other then the three C's, you know
cupcakes, cookies ,and candy.  Which I do really appreciate. And since
they are VERY conscious of allergies, healthy snacks can be tricking.  So I went a
different route.

A few weeks back I entered a giveaway on The TomKat Studio Blog.  
Which to my surprise, I won!  Lets just say I was on a MAJOR losing
streak lately.
I had won these SuPeR cute HaLlOwEeN Party Circles (which she has one sale
for $5 right now)!

I would have used my circle punch, but it is MIA.  And I know for sure Murphy's Law will prevail and it will show its circle face tomorrow...
So I used my circle cutter, not as accurate of a cut, but a circle non the less.

Here was all our loot.  Jelly bracelets (personal old school fav), play-doh, glow bracelets (12 for $1 @ Target can not beat that), pencils, erasers, some fruit snacks, and of course I had to have a Etsy purchase in there.  I ordered Happy Face Pumpkin Crayons from Lil Boo & Co.
You need to go check them out all her other HaLlOwEeN items, which are all 20% off and tomorrow is the last day to order for HaLlOwEeN delivery.  

Buggie had so much fun loading up the bags. Her words "Oh Mommy my friends are
going to be SOOOOO happy."
Notice her little beauty of a apron, its from Max & Ellie
But MUCH MUCH more to come on this adorable shop...

I am so excited to have something in my HaLlOwEeN basket (I need to tell Pottery Barn they need a bigger version).  Side note I have all the liners for it, they were
all purchased out of season, saved a lot of $, and I like this years HaLlOwEeN one better then
mine!  Guess I will be ordering...


Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you SO much for giving my shop a huge SHOUT OUT! ;) That was SO incredibly sweet of you! I hope your daughter's classmates love all of their Halloween loot...we're packaging up goody bags for my daughter's class this weekend too! I think we may have had the same idea...I have some Lil Scribblers, playdoh, pencils, & glow sticks from Target! Ha ha! You were an absolute pleasure to work with...enjoy the Lil Scribblers & have a very happy Halloween! :)

Jess said...

What a nice Mommy :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to put the other parents to shame!! I sure wish I was in Buggie's class!! Glad everyone is feeling better!!

Samantha said...

Maybe once I have kids Halloween will be more fun for me?! And I agree with Tiffany--All the other parents are gonna be jealous! :D

Jacci said...

SUCH CUTE BAGS!! Love Buggie in her apron! precious.