Sunday, October 18, 2009

Goodbye ankles and hello cankles....(and a winner)

So its official, the cankles have arrived.  
We went to Seaworld this weekend for their Spooktacular.
I went with ankles and came home with these beauties...

But as the time approaches for Jellybeans arrival, we are enjoying these moments as a family of three.  Notice my Pumpkin Smuggler shirt (its from Jellybean Apparel), I got SOOO many comments on it.  The funniest was a lady walking with her granddaughter, who asked me where I got it.  Then said her daughter was due next month. I told her so was I, then she told me "But she is HUGE!".  I took that as a compliment.  

This was our second year going, and they have a cookie decorating station, super fun!

Buggie had to show the dolphins her face paint, they LOVED it.

Ran into some friends and their daughter. They walked around the whole rest of the day holding hands...

My Mommy got her face painted also, even got glitter!  Lets just say that would have never happen for any of us kids, she even told the face painter that.

Buggie with my Dad (Abuelo) and Mom (Nonnie), we had the best day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh lordy...those are some purty things!!! I never made it to cankles....maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Great shirt. Ah the old cankles...I remember those.