Thursday, October 8, 2009

A couple of things & a winner....

Oh to be grateful.  As the day went on and your thoughts on what it was you were grateful for came in it made me smile.  Then at 4 I sat down to watch Oprah, I had been waiting for this episode.  See I am late to this blogging world, but ever since I signed up I have been following the FAB NieNie Dialogues.

If you know of Stephanie Nielson and her unbelievable story of courage, love, faith, & family over tragedy then you know how exciting it was to watch her on Oprah.

After watching oh 2 seconds, all those messages of gratefulness came to mind.  From the cup of coffee to God, they all mean something to all of us.  And Stephanie's message of living in the moment and slowing down to enjoy the little things was music to my ears.

So thank you all, I am grateful this morning for so many things and one of them is you all!

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Holly said...

I definitely wouldn't mind making a pumpkin roll for you! But I cannot promise that I won't eat it before you even get to see it. Hey, it's that gooood!

Haha, Thanks for stopping by!