Friday, October 2, 2009

Big news for our family...

Today my cousin is finding out what the two little people are going to be that she is carrying.  Our whole family is counting down to her appointment time, sorry for any of you that are friends with us on FB, you will be hearing about this ALL day!  So in honor of the twinies I just wanted to share a few twin related items I found this morning:

I heart cart covers, especially with the different junk going around out there.  This one from Paisley Pineapple is super cool since it is made twins (or two children).

These are just a few of the designs that Handmade Jig offers for twin onesies.  How super cute is the wiener dog?!

Ok I want this on adult size! How cozy are these little bundles?  You can find this cocoon at Pink Pickle Design.

Babies babies everywhere!


Marissa said...

YOu are so awesome!!!! I LOVE this stuff. I am going to be shopping all weekend!

JWWurman said...

I am amazed by how creative you are! I found you through Joy's Hope and went to your etsy store to ogle and drool. LOVE the crowns, giggled that you named them so carefully so as to avoid the ire of the Main Mouse's corporate lawyerlike people (I love me some mouse!), and adore your general feel for color and whimsy. Yay, you! :)

Amy said...

Discovered your blog via Joy's Hope. Love your crowns and wands and the options for both girls and boys.

Tylerpants said...

Ohhh twins! That's awesome & I should know because I'm a twin =)She's going to be *very* busy! =D