Friday, August 23, 2013

Week of lunches with Applegate Day 5 {Build your own Pizza Sticks}

Well this is it.
Last post of school lunches with Applegate.
Which means last day of the first week of school for us.
We made it!
The fact that I survived the carpool lane without getting banned for life from it is my biggest accomplishment of the week.
People that thing is CRAY CRAY.

Todays lunch was another easy ready in two minutes deals.
We had made whole wheat pizza earlier in the week, when we did I made some little pizza sticks and put them aside for today.

 And for pizza toppings I added a little sauce, some Applegate Natural Pepperoni and Organic Provolone Cheese {which I cut into heart shapes to fit easier in the container}.

A drink, a GoGo SqueeZ, and some yogurt covered pretzels and this thing was a wrap.
Of course you could easily make these in the oven if you kids would rather have them that way.

Of course I had to sample, you know, just to make sure it was good
{wink, wink, elbow, elbow}

A few takeaways from this week:
- Making lunches the night before is so freeing. To wait up and not have to scramble around the kitchen at 7am trying to think of lunch when I barely had a sip of coffee is pretty epic.
- Bean LOVES school and his after school stories are the best:
"The little boy in the red shirt flicked my paper."
"Did you ask him to stop?"
"Yes, then I flicked his."
"I didn't eat my wasagna, just my salad"
5 mins later
"What do you want for dinner?"
- Applegate is truly a great company with an amazing mission.  But I knew that their food was great before this week, I just hadn't sampled such a large variety of it. It is just nice to know that there is a line of food that is working to provide a good natural and organic product and that is committed to remove GMO's. I look forward eating more and making more recipes with them.

So with the first week down, now my mind has switched to Halloween, eek.
So excited.
Things are a brewing...

Natural Pepperoni and Organic Provolone provided by Applegate


Marisa Langford said...

Love this lunch! This would TOTALLY be a hit with my kids! We LOVE Applegate! P.S. If you freeze the GoGo squeeZ it acts as an ice pack too!

Stacey said...

Love this! I have a picky eater. Will definitely give this a try:-)

Deanna said...

What did you use for the pizza crust? Is it whole what tortilla? I love this lunch idea! :)