Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School, love it or hate it, its coming.

I have a flood of emotions running though me as we approach the first day of school next week.
I am a bit sad by the fact that I will be missing my little buddies as they spend a good chunk of their day at school.
But that is replaced by relief, to know the bickering that has seemed to reach an all time high will be quieted for that time.
Then I am nervous, nervous we failed at keeping up with our school work this summer.  As I had started the summer with workbooks and reading sessions, those quickly turned into TV time and swimming sessions.
I am overwhelmed by the idea that Bean is starting school, granted it is only two days a week, it is still A LOT to take in.  
He is ready and I know I am ready for it, or at least I keep telling myself that.
But most of all I am excited, excited for their new adventures, their growth over the next year, and honestly a little me time.

Another thing I am stoked about, is next week my blog is being sponsored by AppleGate  to share some fun lunch box ideas and also some fun "We Play With Our Food" plates!!  So stay tuned for a post a day, wow did I just type that?!  HAHA.

See ya next week!

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