Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week of lunches with Applegate Day 4 {Genoa Salami Caprese Skewers}

I think my favorite part of blogging Applegate lunches this week has been honestly how fast they come together.
Take for example todays.
Salami, tomato, cheese, stick it on a skewer and call it a day.
Pretty much that easy people.

Added a little hummus and falafel chips plus some berries.

How stinkin cute is food on a Hello Kitty Skewer?! I mean come on...

Now as for the second half of this post I to start off by saying this,
Unless they are crisped to near death I will not touch them
Mostly cause they freak me the heck out.
And poor Nolan loves them.
But once you read over Applegates Organic Beef Dog, most of my fears we set at bay to have a clear conscious of feeding him them.
But just so we are clear, I will still need them suckers BURNT.

He was stoked for what we call his "Dragon Dog"
He took him and wrapped him the castle bread.

One more day left and we will have officially concluded the first week of school, CRAZINESS!

Organic Genoa Salami and The Great Organic Uncured Beef Hotdog
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Christina C said...

Where are those Hello Kitty screwers from, if you don't mind me asking.