Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A week of lunches with Applegate {Day 3: Mini Pita BLT's}

As I sit here in day one of what I am calling my semi retirement, I have been thinking.
Thinking about the addiction or dependency I have on my kids.
Hear me out.
I am super excited to find myself in a quiet home twice a week, but it also gives me huge flood of emotions.
Everyday I count my blessings to be able to stay home with my kids.
But when you find yourself without them for a good chunk of the day, you start second guessing your importance.
Housework is always there as a friendly reminder that I am needed. 
But I find that pull to them to make me feel important.
Without someone around to ask for something, needing help, or just want a hug its hard not to feel alone.
Being a stay at home mom has its downsides.
But I think about working full time and the burdens that brings, it just is never a win there will always be something to question and wonder "What if...?"
I will find my grove with this, in due time...

Ok but back to the real post at hand,
Applegate and how they have made making lunch this week, CRAZY fun.
Today I made Buggie mini BLTs using their Organic Sunday Bacon.
After a quick round in the microwave I had two crispy slices ready for assembly.

I used mini whole wheat pita rounds, a slice of tomato, some spinach and baby kale leaves, and since Buggie has aversion to mayo I added a little spread of guacamole on it.  It was that simple.

I ended up making two extra for me to stick in the fridge for my lunch, yum.
I added a little dried apples, almonds, and strawberries to round this lunch out.  

As for Bean he got a little family of Applegates nugget chicks.
Its not creepy to eat nuggets made to look like chickens, right?

Happy lunch making...

Organic Sunday Bacon and Chicken Nuggets provided by Applegate

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