Friday, July 19, 2013

We Play With Our Food

Some of you may or may not remember my love of "playing" with the kids food 
{ here, here, and here}
I love the idea of feeding my family.
I know that might sound weird to some.
But to have the satisfaction of preparing meals that my family enjoys makes my heart happy.
Creating fun plates is just a fun little outlet for me.

When Becka asked if she could share some of the images that I had posted on Instagram on the Disney Baby Blog, of course I said yes.

Once it posted I felt great, it was super cool.
Then Disney Baby Blog shared it on their FB page.
And I was confused by some of the comments.

I get it, everyone it entitled to their opinions.
But when people say, I should "use my time more wisely and spend it with my kids" it stings a little.
Heres the deal,
I do this for my kids.
I do it maybe once a week OR maybe once every two weeks.
It takes a mere 20 mins max for me.
My kids faces light up when they get to see their "special" plates.
It gets them to try new fruits and veggies they might normally not have touched.
It gives us an outlet to make up stories about their plates.
And most importantly it gives them memories, memories they can file away to look back on with fondness when they are older.

I totally get this not for every mom, wether due to working, hectic schedules, too many kids to create for but I share to help inspire others and show my love for food.
But it is for me.
So I will continue to create plates and share.



You can follow my Pinterest page for We Play With Our Food for more plates


-Jenni said...

What a bummer that others take time away from their kids to tell you that you are wasting your time :-(. Geesh. I think that you are also showing your kids how to think creatively!!! How is taking time to show your kids that they are special a waste of time? You keep on keeping on!

Amanda said...

That is just silly! You're using your time to do something special for your kids! I guarantee these plates of food would put a smile on ANY child's face! Keep making those memories mama!!

Cat Kotaka said...

Ignore negative comments. You know what they say about opinions.

Lia said...

People actually criticise you for doing this?

Keep it up, meal times should be fun anyway!

Danielle said...

Anyone who looks at your blog can tell you spend so much time with your kids and do so many things to enrich their lives creatively. It breaks my heart that somebody would criticize that. These plates are amazing and I think you should make a "cookbook" or whatever it would be called to help other moms learn how to create these! I wish I had the patience you must have to make them!! High five, mama!

CarlaM said...

Love your creations! My kids would be amazed to be presented with these for lunch, or any meal for that matter. I admire any mom who brings joy into the lives of their kiddos in such a creative way! Perhaps the critics should spend more time with their kiddos, instead of making needless negative comments.