Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chicken Al Carbon with Quinoa Tortillas {Clean Eats Day 1}

I am sure by now you have seen or are doing clean eating.
Its pretty much everywhere you look.
And for the most part we are pretty clean eaters.
I think the appealing part for me is it is getting back to basics, avoiding additives and processed crap our bodies don't need.
So not that four letter word, diet {said on a hushed whisper}, BUT more a lifestyle choice.

I get that it can be super overwhelming and scary to eliminate so much from you diet.
So baby steps are ok.
This week I am focusing on a whole week of clean eating.
Am I being crazy stupid strict about it, um no, Momma is not about to give up her coffee and little bit of raw sugar, I am all for healthy but not crazy. But with that said, over three months ago I switched to black coffee.  It was more out of dire straights, as I had ran out of my soy creamer one morning and said the heck lets try it black.  And I never looked back.  CRAZY.

Any who back to this week.
After Sunday night and killin a WHOLE box of Hot Tamales aka my kryptonite, I set forth on Monday on a clean eating binge.

I thought I would share my clean eating chicken al carbon with quinoa tortillas. 

I used the Gracious Pantry's recipe for the tortillas.
Now this was my very first time making tortillas, so I don't have a fancy smancy tortilla press.
I took two silicone cutting boards lined them with cling wrap, placed a ball in between and pressed down with my hands. Then to flatten them to an even thickness I used a rolling pin on top of the mats.   Once you are ready to start cooking, make sure you pan is on high heat {for my stove on 8}, one thing I could not find in the recipe.  And keep an eye on those suckers, they cook FAST.

As for the Chicken Al Carbon {makes 4 servings of two tacos each}:
- 2 chicken filets {all natural, free range, no antibiotics is the best if possible}

For the marinade: 
- 2 limes
- 1 shallot
- 2 tbsp olive oil

For the toppings:
- half white onion diced
- avocado
- plain Greek Yogurt {GREAT substitute for sour cream}
- cilantro

At least 30 mins or an hour if possible before you are ready to cook marinate chicken.
Take the chicken and cut them down the middle, making 2 cutlets.
In a large ziploc, add the juice of the limes, olive oil, and the diced shallot.
Season the chicken with a little pepper and salt.
Add to bag and massage, set in fridge.

Over medium heat grill your chicken, since they are cutlets you will only need to cook for 6-7 mins per side.
Remove from grill dice, add to warm tortillas and top with stuff above.

The kiddlets did not want tacos so I made them quesadillas 
{Napoleon make yourself a damn ques-a-dilla, sorry had to} and the tortillas held up good.
I just sprayed a non stick pan with a little canola oil.

Then this am, I decided to make a egg taco.  2 egg whites and one whole egg, some fresh salsa, and a dollop of greek yogurt. Along side my strawberry lemon water {always keep a pitcher in the fridge for easy access all day} and black coffee.

See you back tomorrow with another Clean Eats recipe from tonight.