Monday, July 15, 2013

So Fresh and So Clean

I have been wanting to get back into blogging more regularly for some time now.  After me saying this to Sara for like the thousandth time and not doing anything about it, she finally took the reins for me and took over my blog for a few days.  She basically took my blog to the spa, the Sara Spa.  Gave her  some new highlights, some fresh color on her and tweezed a few hairs here and here.  When I finally saw her, I recognized her but noticed she had a more confident strut about her.  A different sway  that has my mind turning.  Sara is new at this redesign game but really wants to share her talents with interwebworld.  So for an AMAZING low rate of $75 you can snag one of only three spots for a WHOLE new blog overhaul.  Which includes: a custom header, navigation bar, a social media set, up to 3 side bar buttons and a blog button with grab text box. {small print: Only TWO post design changes are included in this price, any more "oh can you change this or thats" will be an extra charge.  This offer is for Blogger and Typepad users only}  

So what are you waiting for?
Email to reserve your spot at the "Sara Spa"

Dilly Dally

Now my blog and I are off for a date, I want to show her off around town.

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