Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Family Costume

So its that time of the year again, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween.
Which means Fam Bam Halloween costume time, here is last years.
After a family vote, Wreck It Ralph won out.
And since it is one of Disney's lowest grossing movies of all time, there pretty much isn't anything out there for costumes, which meant A LOT of homemade.

Felix was the easiest.
After a friends suggestion, I snagged these patches on this Etsy shop.
Amazon came through with some cheap leather gloves and blue hat.
And he was done.

It was kinda up in the air which character I was going to be.
But for some reason EVERYONE agreed Momma should be the "mean girl" Taffyta Muttonfudge.
Not sure if I should be insulted by this or happy since she wears all pink.

But I set to work on Taffyta.
I got a pink ball cap at Michael's.
Cut the brim to shape it more like a helmet.
Attached some felt for the green brim and stem with leaf.

Lastly, since she has a sparkle to it, I glue beads around.
As for the rest, I took some white leggings from Target painted strips on them with fabric paint.
Got a hot pink satin jacket off American Apparel and took a men xl Hanes tank top and dyed it pink.

For Ralph, I grabbed a clearance orange vneck shirt, added a little green fabric at the neck and a few buttons.

Then with painters tape, I taped off sections for plaid and used a red fabric marker.

As I mention before Wreck It stuff is hard to come by.  When I went to find Ralph hands, it was looking like they would set us back an easy $60!!! So since that was not about to happen, I got Hulk hands for $13 and a can of spray paint. This idea was brilliant in my head, but lets just say by the end of the night Ralph had SLOWING turned into the hulk with chucks of spray paint being left in a travel behind us.

Vanellope took a bit of work just to find the things needed.
But I was able to get a hoodie at Target in just the right color.
And then added some pink rope I found at Joannes.
The leggings, I just taped off the strips and painted with fabric paint.
The skirt was just brown fabric ironed into pleats and then sewn onto an existing skirt.

After all that work we were all set for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween.

I loved seeing the kids faces when someone would see us and say "They are Wreck It Ralph!!" It was worth all the work to go into it.

It was the perfectly magical family night we needed.
Talks have already started for next years.
I love this tradition.

And on a funny side note:
I thought I would get a white bob for my costume.
After a trip to Walmart {I hadn't been in 9 years when I witnessed a fist fight in the cat food/toy/toilet paper aisle}
Lets just say the packaging did not match the product,


tiff said...

what a fun and unique family costume! great job on it all! it looks like your kids love the tradition and will have amazing memories of halloween as they grow up!

Unknown said...

Love the costumes! We were looking for some ideas for the same thing and came across y'alls. Anything left from last year you might want to sell? Would love to get a jumpstart!