Friday, October 11, 2013

The Crafting Social {Orlando}

About 2.5 years ago, Sara and I took our internet friendship into the real world.
It was never awkward, it was just good.
So we both know the internet is real and filled with opportunities for people to get together in real life.
Since then we have both had this little nugget of an idea sitting in the corner of our minds.
We have both had our reasons for not poking that idea around over that time, would people want to come, schedules, having a baby, you know stuff.
But recently we both decided to throw caution to the wind, grabbed the biggest stick we had and poked that nugget right in the belly and we are super excited to present The Crafty Social {Orlando}.

We are inviting our Central Florida peeps to come for a night of mingling and crafting.
There will be an open house style mixer for 1.5 hrs followed by a paid seat crafting session.
The crafting session, for ALL levels of crafter, will include two DIY crafts, with one craft being presented by the UBER talented Sarah Hearts {people she has been featured in Better Homes and Garden}, and a swag bag that as it is right now is valued at around $90!!! 
You read that right, $90 swag people, now that crazy.

So hop on over to The Crafty Social {Orlando}
check it out and buy a ticket before the limited seats are gone!!

Hope to see you there!

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