Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Fall Hanging Art

So, its officially Fall.
And the only reason I know this to be true is Starbucks released PSL 
{for those not in the know thats a Pumpkin Spice Latte}.
And since I base all change of seasons off Starbucks drink rotations, I decided some fall decorations were in order.

WAAAAY back in the blogging day, Eighteen 25 Girls had blogged this really fun technique for painting with corn syrup.
I had always wanted to try it, so I thought this was a perfect time.
I teamed up with my buddy Kori from Paper & Pigtails to help come up with some
cute fall images to use for this project, they can be downloaded here 
{Feel free to use these for other fall projects, just remember they are for personal use only}

So what you will need:
- Corn syrup
- food coloring
- freezer paper
- printed sheet of images
- black crayon
- paint brushes
- small bowls at least 5
- tape
- scissors
- fishing line or something similar
- a branch

First thing will be to lay your printed images under some freezer paper {shiny wax side down} and tape it in place.  Then with a black crayon trace them out.

Once you have traced as many images as you want, take a tbsp of corn syrup and mix in a few drops of food coloring, I made orange, red, yellow, green, and brown. And start painting.  You want it to be a little thick in the application.  And the cool thing with the crayon is if you get some corn syrup on it, the wax propels it and it will disappears off it.

These will take at least 24 hrs to dry.  

Once they are dry cut them out. Then I took a tiny hole punch to each one and strung up a branch above our table {I have a little hook up there all the time for hanging things} And then started hanging the pieces.  The owls I decided to add to the branch as though they are perched...

I love how it turned out!  
Another option would to be make a garland to hang around the windows to still get the stained glass affect they give.



Sally said...

I love this so much!

-Jenni said...

It looks awesome! I love owls ;-)

jamie carter said...

i almost forgot about that craft. i love what you did with it.