Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brave Pancake Art

I have been dabbling in pancake art for a while now.
Nothing fancy, just things I know my kiddlets will love.
Whenever I share my photos of my creations on facebook, twitter, and/or Instagram, I always get the same questions.
And numero uno is "How did you do that?"
Yesterday I made Merida pancakes to celebrate our excitement for a new kick booty princess.
Here is how:

- I always use boxed pancake mix, it works best. You will not want any lumps since it will clog your squeeze bottles.
- It is ALL about temp control with your stove top, low and slow wins the race.
- REMEMBER its just pancakes and its easy enough to toss a mistake.
- Have fun, and know if your creation is not exactly how you pictured it, your kid will love that you made it extra special, {even when you think your Merida, see above, is on the verge of drag queen.}

What you will need:
- pancake mix
- food coloring
- small bowls
- squeeze bottles for each color you are using
- butter

And I apologize in advance for the lighting in my photos...

When I mix the pancake mix I always put less water in then the box calls for, just to make sure it is not too runny.  You can always add more but never take away. But here is the consistency you want.

Divide the mix up and add the food coloring.
For Meridas hair I used 4 drops of red and 3 yellow.

Most of the time I just make things up, but for Merida I needed a point of reference. A quick google search help with that. Oh and just another reason to love my Life Proof case, no worries using it in the kitchen :)


First things first, heat your pan up.
I have my stove on lock down with temps. 
For pancakes I use low medium.
After melting some butter, take the orange squeeze bottle and shape out her hair.
Another tip - remember that the side that will be facing down is the side that you will use to display, SO keep that in mind with making your creations.  So letters need to be backwards and such.

Then you will draw out her face with the plain batter.

Add her face.

Lastly go back and fill in the hair and face. Once it have bubbled flip and cook the other side.
Then plate.

For the arrows, I made upside down hearts.


Fill them in and add the stick part and feathers.

Another tip I have is if something breaks, no worries.  Keep cooking it, and just put it back together when you plate it!

Here are a few other recent creations.
Oh and another tip, once you start doing this for your kids BE READY for the requests to roll in.
And when your husband asks for the Sistine Chapel, make sure to have a dish towel on hand for a "playful" swat.

Feel free to leave any questions. Just make sure I have a way of responding!


Unknown said...

I love these Amy! I've tried doing this before with squeeze bottles but I always get those pesky lumps :( I need to try your consistency. Thanks for the layering tips! I need to try this again.

Sally said...

Thanks for the tips! I have tried pancake art but it's never quite right (so true that the kids don't mind, though). Now I know--I was using homemade, whole wheat pancakes. Buying a box of mix and trying again! :)

Danielle said...

These pancake creations are incredible!! Thank you for sharing your tips! I can't wait to try these out on my niece & nephews! :)

angie said...

I've dabbledvery little with pancake art. But you take the batter (lame joke!) We're out of town this wk'end but Monday I know what I am making for breakfast and then we're heading to the theaters!

Mycharmingcolors said...

I was JUST going to ask you to do a DIY for pancake art! Seriously you blow my mind with your cute food creations :-)

Anonymous said...

I love it! While I am still a little ways from B understanding it before it hits the floor or makes it to his mouth it is definitely something I look forward to doing. Hmmm now to find the bottles!

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Gina Thomas said...

you are the best momma ever! i always love seeing your pancake photos on instagram:)

Jennifer said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! I'll be trying this Saturday morning!!!

Missy NADM said...

I am so gonna give this a go, my 2 year old is fussy but loves anything that look fun

Meg said...

How cute!!! Loving your blog! Xo