Monday, June 18, 2012

That love and feeling...

I am alive.
I just lost that love and feeling for blogging for a while.
My Spidey senses are telling me its back.
But who knows.

Yesterday I did the first project in a looooooong time.
It felt good. 
So I am pretty sure thats back.

I took my blah black kitchen desk chair and went to work on it.
First using white primer.
Then the most gorgeous Valspar color of exotic sea covered it.

Once the last coat of exotic sea dried I taped off the bottom portion of the legs and sprayed them GOLD.  Once it dries for 24 hrs then I will hit it with a clear coat of enamel spray.
I am beyond stoked about it.
Hubs started calling it my "Jasmine Chair".
Which of course made me giggle.

So at least my love and feeling is back today.
Later taters!


Mycharmingcolors said...

Love the chair! The colors look great together and your idea for the Gold at the bottom is so original! :-)

MellieButterfly said...

I always thought it was "lovin' feeling." Though I have been known to make up suitable lyrics that don't always match the actual words said in songs. Learned something new today. Glad you got your crafty groove back!

Torrie @ Fox + Hazel said...

That chair is to die for! I love the colour combo. And I would definitely rock the 'Jasmine chair' title ;)

Jami Nato said...

i thought it was lovin feeling...oh that lovin' feeling....

rad chair.

Cindy said...

Welcome back. I missed your posts...I must have always been singing that song wrong. I always belt out, "You lost that lovin' feelin'.." Either way, I love the Jasmine chair! Clever to add that gold to the legs. And turquoise~ so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Seriously why can I not be creative and craft! Love it!