Friday, November 11, 2011

And then we partied Part 1 {Bean's Dino-mite 2nd birthday party}

***WARING: Photo HEAVY post***
Last Saturday our friends and family gathered to celebrate Bean's 2nd birthday.
See every week we attend Gymboree classes, and he LOVES every second of them.
So when planning the party, we decided to venture into new territory and have it out of our house.
It was DIVINE.
No before hand clean up and no after clean.
My sweet girlfriend Jenni took photos for us, and it was a blessing.
Not to have my camera around my neck and be in the moment was the best gift anyone could give me on my "birth" day of Nolan, ha, like that right.
There were SO many wonderful images, that I have decided to break this into two post.
So today I am sharing just images from the party.
Then on Monday I will get to the nitty gritty with the DIY's, since 90% of the party was DIY.

Having it at Gymboree was perfect.
I requested his teacher host the party, and she knows what he REALLY likes.
And she made sure we did it all.

He party was Dino themed. So there was a lot of stomping and roaring about. Which made it nice since there was a age range of 2-5 there.

Buggie got WAY into her role as "girl dinosaur".

Another thing I really enjoyed was the time of the party. We chose 2:30 to 4:30. A time in which we did not feel we needed to REALLY feed people other then snacks. And for us saved money and time for my parting.

This picture cracks me up, because it is so him, throwing his head back and chugging milk!

He got the candle out in one blow. It was super cute.

The group was made up of some amazing kids that made his day so special.

I giggle every time I see this image. I mean he is such a crack up, he loves secrets, and Ms Kelly was telling the kids a "secret". And he just covered his mouth and started laughing.
So freakin cute.

It was a great day, filled with friends, family, and fun.

See you back on Monday for the low down post on the dino details :)
Have great weekends!


Hespyhesp said...

That looks ridiculously fun! How cool are those dino tails! Glad you had a great time! Adorable photos as always!

Anonymous said...

That looks like such an amazing birthday party! You have THE cutest family. Both your children are beautiful. It looks like he had a blast at his dino party. :)

Cindy said...

adorable party. i love the "secrets" picture too.

-Jenni said...

Had so much fun snapping pictures of your little man! The kids had a blast as well! It seems like just yesterday I was bringing you Italian Beef after you brought Bean home. Time flies, doesn't it?

Lia said...

Looks like such a cool party!!